Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Likes and Dislikes of 7th Grade Science

This year in science was a little tough for me. I didn't like how the teachers didn't give you lectures and ask you to take notes. I also didn't like the roadmaps we did. I like to have a little direction on where I need to go. I also would like to have more due dates. Like on the road maps I think we should have due dates for every box. Another thing I didn't like was all the independent work time. I think sometime we should have like all class projects or something that we don't have to be independent on. I also think that our teachers should give us little for warning on when our test are going to be and some notes we can actually study. I think we should have at least two nights to study if not three. The things I did like was a not a strict working environment. For example we could talk if we weren't to loud and we could work by our friends for the most part. I also liked that we got to pick our seating chart. Over all the year was fun but it could've been better.

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