Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Likes and Dislikes of 7th Grade Science

This year in science was a little tough for me. I didn't like how the teachers didn't give you lectures and ask you to take notes. I also didn't like the roadmaps we did. I like to have a little direction on where I need to go. I also would like to have more due dates. Like on the road maps I think we should have due dates for every box. Another thing I didn't like was all the independent work time. I think sometime we should have like all class projects or something that we don't have to be independent on. I also think that our teachers should give us little for warning on when our test are going to be and some notes we can actually study. I think we should have at least two nights to study if not three. The things I did like was a not a strict working environment. For example we could talk if we weren't to loud and we could work by our friends for the most part. I also liked that we got to pick our seating chart. Over all the year was fun but it could've been better.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reflection on our Chemistry Unit

The past couple of weeks have been fun. I have liked this unit the most over the whole school year. The thing I liked the most was making the iMovie and the chemistry magic show. I liked the iMovie because I could work with my friends and get to kind of goof off. We got our work done but it was fun on the way to our finished product. The magic show was cool because we got to see how different chemicals reacted to heat and each other. Overall I liked this past unit.