Monday, February 13, 2012

Rock Story

     I am a rock named Henrietta, and this is the story of my life. Many years ago, I started as an igneous intrusive rock. I sure did get hot in that volcano in Hawaii. I was changing so fast I don’t really remember this part but I will try. I think I was just about the size of a softball, I was really smooth, and I think I was a really dark black or something like that. I also think I had few to no crystals, and I cooled extremely fast.
     Then one day I changed into a sedimentary rock. Pop!! Out of a volcano I come and into a lake I go. I, Henrietta the rock, have an irregular shape. Weathering and erosion are very cruel to me. They made me look the way I do. Rain and wind are also very mean because they caused me to breakdown into smaller pieces of rock. Now all of the other rocks are being bullies pushing and shoving me left and right. Because of all the pushing and shoving I am about the size of a golf ball. I also have fossils stuck in me. Now the nice cool water is carrying me to the edge of the shore where I will turn into a metamorphic rock.      
     Ahhhhh!!! I’m getting covered by sand and going into extreme heat and pressure. Help!!! I can’t breathe. I am now a metamorphic rock. It is very different being a metamorphic rock because I am a combination of different rocks. I am no longer a pure igneous rock but I have a little sedimentary rock inside me too. I am now about the size of a quarter and am a little rougher.
     As for right now I will wait for someone to come and skip me down the river or use me in their slingshot.

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